Golden Westlake resides in Tay Ho district, one side faces Hoang Hoa Tham street and the other is adjacent to Thuy Khue street. It’s built on a beautiful land with convenient traffic and a direct view to Tay Ho, as it takes only 200 meters to reach there from Golden Westlake apartments. The surrounding area has a high concentration of companies, schools, markets, temples, etc.

As a high-end real estate project, Golden Westlake’s apartments meet the diverse needs of customers with modern and versatile apartments to choose:

  • Various areas: 70 m2, 85 m2, 115 m2, 130 m2, 150 m2, 190 m2, 250 m2, 300 m2, etc.
  • Various types: non-serviced apartments, serviced apartments, luxurious penthouses with lake view, lavish villas with private yards, garages, gardens, etc.
  • Numbers of bedrooms: from 1 to 6 bedrooms.
  • Rental price: from $1000/ month to $3500/ month.
  • All apartments have big and airy balconies overlooking local streets and the famed Ho Tay (West Lake).

Regarding the facilities, CitySmart Hospitality and Maple Bear Nursery are open in Golden Westlake Condominium; the Pulse Fitness provides a dance studio and sauna; the gym meets the needs of professional trainers and clients who want to have an ideal body; TopChef restaurant with a unique open space of the kitchen that allows customers to watch the processing while waiting for the order; Service Center provides cleaning services or apartment repairs… and many more!!

Properties listed in Golden Westlake

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