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Learn about Low-E Glass (Low emissivity)?

Posted by Quản Trị Sunhousing on April 5, 2019


Low-E glass is a 2-layer glass with an air gap in the middle, covered with a special compound surface. Helping glass with slow heat emission feature, reducing the dispersion, slow absorption of heat with the function of reflecting sunlight helps the inner space keep a stable temperature, noise reduction, but still ensure brightness in the room


Low E Glass is especially friendly to a tropical climate like in Vietnam. has been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass without affecting the amount of visible light transmitted. This confirms the superior features of the product, making the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer, maximizing the cost of keeping the heat in the room while maintaining the brightness and sharpness. maximum aesthetic.


The category of Low-E glass includes 2 types: Low-e hard coated glass and soft coating

Uses of Low-E glass:

Features and uses of Low-E hard coated glass:

– Moderate light reflection

– Achieve maximum optical penetration

– Suitable for all uses and architectural designs

– Reasonable price suitable for all choices

– The surface is hard and durable permanently and can be easily flexed

– Variety and variety of colors

– Use a single glass to make frosted glass on the facade.

Features and benefits of Low-E soft cover glass

– High light reflection level

– Suitable for all uses and architectural designs

– Reasonable price suitable for all choices

– The soft surface is easily scratched, scratched, cannot be machined

– Colors and categories are diverse and rich (often bold)

– Use a single glass to make translucent glass in the surface with the coating turned inside

– Good performance

For those benefits, Low- E is used in many big projects, such as Sun Grand City and Vinhomes Metropolis which partly explains why the apartment in those 2 areas are becoming very hot properties.

If you want to look at very good-quality apartments in Sun Grand City and Vinnhomes Metropolis, please click these links:

1, Apartment in Sun Grand City

2, Apartment in Vinhomes Metropolis 



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