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Living near the water is good for you? Scientists showed

Posted by Quản Trị Sunhousing on August 29, 2019

Do you find it very peaceful when go to the sea? Do you feel calmer when going along the river? And do you wonder why so many people love living near the lake? All of these questions have been proved that when we live near aquatic space it benefits our health a lot?

As The Quartz released on August of 2018, that living by aquatic areas: stream, lake, river or ocean can improve your sense of physical and mental health and well-being, as when we contact with water it helps us happier, healthier, more creative and calmer. It can be understood as a biological connection that three out a fourth of Earth is water, it contributes to our body 70%, and also 70% in our brain and heart. In the end, water plays an incredible role in your life, then the trend of living near the lake, river or ocean is near outdate. Every Government, Investors, Projects try to maximize the advantages of water can bring to us. So to live near water, where you can choose in Hanoi?

Tay Ho (Westlake)

Tay Ho has the area around 5.3 km2, the biggest lake in Hanoi, that is why is so well-known to every expat in Hanoi, no 1 recommended area to live. With the lake, there is a thousand advantage to living here such as beautiful scenery in every season, good air quality, romantic sunset, a perfect path for walking, cycling, and jogging, a destination for dating and hanging out with friends. You can easily find good coffee shops, restaurants here, and because it is very well-known with a foreigner, then plenty of good quality apartments and houses for rent here with many styles and price range very suitable for a big family, please check the link below to have a look at properties here.

See: Apartment for rent in Tay Ho

Truc Bach Lake

Truc Bach lake is a part of Westlake, between Ba Dinh and Tay Ho area, also a famous site with tourism and expat residents. Good location to access to the city center and Tay Ho. The area is known for many Vietnamese Restaurant and Coffee.  The apartment here is not as many as in Tay Ho area and not so many styles to choose, but if you are concerned in an apartment with good location as Truc Bach, so it is worth considering.

See Apartment for rent in Truc Bach.

 Ba Mau Lake and Bay Mau Lake

Ba Mau and Bay Mau Lake areas are located on the south of Hanoi, near Thong Nhat park and good approach to Royal City. The apartments in this area are mainly one or two-bedroom, quite new and good quality, around the lake has many beers, restaurants. From Bay Mau lake area, you can easily get to Hai Ba Trung or Hoan Kiem district.

See: Apartment near Ho Ba Mau

Ngoc Khanh lake area

Ho Ngoc Khanh (Ngoc Khanh lake) is in Ba Dinh district, it is not so large, but the location is so convenient. About 1.5 km to Westlake, 300 meters to Lotte Department store, 350 meters to Vinhomes Metropolis,…A lot of apartments here, the new one, the less new one, the affordable one or the less affordable one, you will have many choices there.

See: Apartment for rent near Ngoc Khanh lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

If Hoan Kiem lake isn’t mentioned, it is a mistake. The area with a lot of historical places, many entertainments, and the commercial area attracts every expat who the first time arrive in Vietnam. The apartment here is quite small, mainly is one-bedroom and the model is similar to the homestay and short term apartments, it is more suitable for a couple or single person.

See: Apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem Lake

When talking about the residential complex which has an artificial lake or river inside, eco-friendly environment, then there is some significant project as Vinhomes Skylake, Ciputra Hanoi, Vinhomes Greenbay, Vinhomes Riverside, …

Hope that with our information, you will get something useful to choose a home in Hanoi!

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