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Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung- One choice to live near Ring Road 3!

Posted by Quản Trị Sunhousing on August 26, 2019

A trend of living today, Hanoi residents need more than a green, clean urban area with cool eye space and optimal quality, modern utilities. To catch up with that trend, Vinhomes Skylake – a super product of Vinhomes promises to bring people into a 5-star home – a new horizon with a completely new lifestyle in near the Ring Road 3 route.

Located in the golden land of western of Hanoi!

Vinhomes Skylake was built with a total area of ​​about 13,555m 2, in the same campus with the artificial lake with 19 ha width. The construction density of only about 30% ensures green space for the entire project.  According to experts, Vinhomes Skylake has a very favorable position in the western area of ​​the city, according to geographical coordinates, Vinhomes Skylake is located right at the crossroads of Pham Hung – Duong Dinh Nghe, a golden coordinates of real estate, belonging to the core area of ​​the new administrative and economic center of My Dinh, Vinhomes Skylake possesses outstanding advantages

Due to its location right on Pham Hung street, it creates favorable conditions for residents to easily move to administrative, economic and school centers, hospital, big bus station … of the city. Specifically:
– Project location:
+ North: near Cau Giay park;
+ South: close to Duong Dinh Nghe street;
+ East: bordered by Mitec Court;
+ West: adjacent to Pham Hung street;

– Region link:
+ 500m from My Dinh bus station.
+ 1.5 km from My Dinh stadium.
+ 1km from National Convention Center.
+ Opposite Keangnam via Duong Dinh Nghe road
+ 500m from Hematology & Blood Institute.
It can be said that Vinhomes Pham Hung with such an extremely expensive position will become a powerful agent to create a fever effect for the real estate market at the end of this year.

Values for you from 5-star amenities!

Vinhomes Skylake also converges all the typical 5-star utilities that Vinhomes has integrated in previous super projects: Royal City, Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Gardenia and Vinhomes Metropolis. In particular, outstanding are the following typical utilities:

Children’s play area, children’s playground:

Designed with healthy, educational, high-quality games, Vinhomes Pham Hung’s playgrounds, play areas are both a place for children to discover their talents, passions, interests, and creativity. I myself create conditions for children to learn and promote their forte. Since then, it will help parents have an orientation to educate and promote their children’s development in the most positive and effective way.

 Multipurpose sports ground, gym area:

In order to meet the demand for health training of Vinhomes Skylake residents, the Investor has designed modern sports facilities and facilities: basketball court, outdoor and indoor gym, …

Vinschool preschool:

Vinschool preschool is an international standard educational environment, distilled from the quintessence of scientific education methods, taking the comprehensive development of children as a goal to bring to the children of Vinhomes residents, the most advanced learning environment Skylake today.

Shopping and entertainment center:

Vinmart and Vincom are reputable shopping addresses that are familiar to Hanoi residents, especially Vineco’s clean food products. Vinhomes Pham Hung also equips these facilities to meet the shopping demand of the top brands of residents living here. Movie theaters and entertainment areas are also addresses that attract many residents and young people from all over the world to find Sky Lake.

Impressive swimming pool:

Meeting the needs and passion of swimming of many residents in the Capital, Vinhomes Skylake is designed with an extremely luxurious and classy swimming pool system, including an outdoor swimming pool with spillway and indoor pool.

Flower garden, utility outdoor landscape system:

Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung has a construction density of about 30%, the rest is space for flower gardens and outdoor facilities. They are Welcome gate, Central swimming pool, BBQ barbecue garden, Modern flower garden, Central square, … All are designed to be both sophisticated, modern, luxurious and elegant, making the scene Vinhomes Pham Hung ‘s general has special appeal compared to other projects in the region.

 Lakeside walkways and marinas:

With a beautifully designed, modern walkway around the Yen Hoa Lake with a width of 19ha, it will create Vinhomes Skylake residents a beautiful and pure walking paradise and a vast green space of trees and flowers. . The marina is impressively designed, giving people the feeling of standing in front of the vast sky, green and cool.

What a luxurious apartment in Vinhomes Skylake can offer you?

As expected, inheriting and promoting previous cult projects of Vingroup, Vinhomes Skylake will have outstanding designs with a combination of offices, high-class apartments, closed commercial centers and services. and the top 5-star standard utility that Vingroup has provided to residents of previous cult projects.
According to the proposed design, Vinhomes Pham Hung will have 3 complex buildings with over 30 floors, including high-class apartments, offices, shopoffice, commercial centers, amusement parks … From general to detail of each apartment, It will be designed with sophistication, elegance, modernity, and comfort, satisfying all the most demanding requirements of an office, a house that is both elegant and convenient and luxurious, showing the level of the family.
* Including luxury apartments, Penthouse, luxury Sky Villa.
* Including 3 apartment buildings:
– There are 3 basements, 3 basements (commercial center floor), the fourth floor is the swimming pool, overflow waterfall.
– Including 3 buildings:

+ S1 37 stories high with 12 units / floor.
+ S2, S3 42 floors high, 20 units / floor.
With a special landscape system, many impressive accents along with the green color of the plants and colorful flowers will create Vinhomes Skylake a space that blends with nature.

All of the above factors will create Vinhomes Skylake a closed utility space, like a miniature city in the heart of the capital. Living in Vinhomes Pham Hung, residents will live in the middle of a luxurious, top-class complex in the capital.
Each apartment in Vinhomes Pham Hung has wooden floors that are imported according to international standards of high quality. The spacious living room is designed luxuriously and elegantly with a fully equipped kitchen to create conditions for female owners to show their talents to cook, to help homeowners receive precious guests in a class style.
According to the design and interior of Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung will be the product of the leading names in the world such as Duravit and Kohler.

Like many previous projects, Vinhomes will surely equip Vinhomes Skylake apartments with fingerprint door lock systems, with CCTV to create outstanding security advantages. This is the most advanced door lock in the world today. At the same time, the integration of fingerprint lock, password code, and the backup mechanical lock will ensure the highest safety for each apartment here.
According to the expected design, Vinhomes Skylake will be diversified:
– 1 bedroom apartment: 44m2 – 54m2
– 2 bedroom apartment: 62m2 – 81m2
– 3 bedroom apartment: 84m2 – 133m2
– 4 bedroom apartments: 133m2 – 170m2
– Penthouse: 145m2 – 235m2
– Sky Villa: 271m2 – 486m2
In particular, Penthouse and Skyvilla are the 2 most advanced apartments for high-class and successful customers, besides 4 typical types of apartments:
– Type 1 bedroom suitable for young households, small scale. With the number of 2 units/floor, this will surely become the leading and sought after a hot apartment at Vinhomes Pham Hung because of the housing needs of young people, newly married couples in Hanoi are very large.
– The 2-bedroom apartment will be the optimal choice for medium-sized families with 3-4 people.
– Type of 3-bedroom apartment   It is suitable for households with 3 – 6 people in a way to arrange one bedroom per person or two people sharing a room.
From all of the above factors, it can be affirmed that life at Vinhomes Skylake is a full life, with poetic green space, cool water in the city center, you do not have to lose too much time to travel to entertainment, entertainment or other leisure locations during free time or every afternoon, after a hard-working day, stroll around the lake to breathe fresh air Nature’s gift or watch the sunrise every morning from the main balcony of Skylake apartment. It’s not too much for the Vinhomes Skylake to use the best words to describe the beauty of the project, worthy of being a high-class real estate highlight.

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